Systems to extend your weather window.

ArticuLock®, DeltaTek’s second technology development is a simple, robust assembly capable of opening up weather windows for installing subsea equipment by eliminating bending stress from rigid subsea deployment landing strings. ArticuLock® was developed in conjunction with Scottish Enterprise and OGTC funding to design and test the concept to stringent industry NS-1 and API standards, ultimately concluding with a field proven and robust design.

Deltatek’s ArticuLock® technology provides Open-water, Riser, Casing or Landing String articulation, even in extreme storm conditions to;

  • expand the weather window for deployment of sub-sea trees, flow-bases, EDP/LRPs, casing strings etc by >400%
  • eliminate low cycle fatigue (remove stiffness) associated with hang-off or suspending loads during riserless or open-water operations
  • provide a contingency to allow Subsea deployment or intervention operations to continue even in high significant wave height, sea-swell or loop current conditions
  • reduce Waiting on Weather time

ArticuLock® Trials

ArticuLock® Animation

Articulock® – Technical features

  • 400 tonne axial capacity
  • 30 Degrees of allowable articulation
  • Torque through capability
  • Pump through capability
  • Cement through capability
  • 5000 psi rating
  • Manual or ROV operable

Articulock® Value

  • capacity to deploy sub-Sea Trees, Flow Bases, Casing Strings etc
  • enable emergency hang-off operations in severe weather or loop current conditions
  • enables safe deployment in extreme storm weather conditions
  • facilitates Tree-Cap install / removal in mis-aligned Trees
  • 30,000 ft / lbs torque rating facilitates structure orientation
  • Deploy, Secure, Flush and Test capability, pressure and function test post installation
  • simple to install and operate

How does ArticuLock work?

ArticuLock® is based on a ball and socket concept, but intelligently engineered with a seal assembly to provide hydraulic sealing capability up to 5000psi, with a torque mechanism to provide 30kftlbs of axial torque rating and a selectable lockable sleeve to hold the tool in a rigid axial position in the locked position, but in the un-locked position provides +/-15deg of articulation in any orientation. The tool has been tested in rigorous conditions to show multi-months of constant use tool life with full sealing and mechanical integrity.

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