Offshore Service Technician

Location: Aberdeen

The Operations Technician role is primarily an operational delivery role, supervising SeaCure/QuikCure technology deployment activities from offshore floating drilling units in the UK, Norway and Eastern Mediterranean for DeltaTek clients. The role also includes the preparation of the equipment in the workshop prior to offshore shipment, as well as participating at client facing meetings to develop operational procedures and educate the client about the technology. In addition, the role may involve engineering development of the technologies to ensure operationally they are optimised to be executed with the most efficient performance by DeltaTek clients.

The position involves ensuring the following is conducted in the most cost effective and safe manner while achieving all operational objectives of service delivery:

  • provide operational, engineering & technical support to the DeltaTek management team during the operational deployments of the technologies at the client wellsites;
  • support quality assurance programs & performance improvement goals;
  • provide worksite based technical reporting during and at the conclusion of the technology deployments; and
  • support the growth and development of the operational arm of the DeltaTek personnel team.

It is usual for the Operations Technician to work 12hrs per day when working offshore, and 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday when working onshore, however flexibility in working hours to align and meet with specific operational requirements is required.