Engineered cement curing regime.

ControlCure® is the engineered process of circulating a temperature-controlled fluid after cement slurry placement at different points in the well to elevate, cool or control the cement setting environment at specific zones in the open-hole.

Controlling the setting temperatures of both the lead and / or tail cement slurries enhances the set-cement properties, reduces the potential for gas or water influx, eliminates micro-annulus, reduces Waiting on Cement (WOC) time and overall Saves Rig Time. Like QuikCure®, ControlCure® utilises SeaCure’s® inner-string technology as the circulating string.

Bespoke Cement Engineering

  • Design cement cure to maintain over balance
  • Intelligent managed pressure cementing
  • Mitigate shallow hazard risks
  • Improve life of well reliability

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