Reliable Shoe Integrity

CoreCure® is the only technique enabling recovery of a downhole cement sample, directly from the shoe of the casing string being SeaCure® cemented. Historical techniques of capturing cement samples during mixing at the drilling rig indicate one thing, the cement before it goes downhole, CoreCure® confirms the the quality of cement after it has been mixed and pumped downhole. Recovering a sample of cement from the casing shoe is now possible, welcome to the next generation of subsea well construction.

  • Confirmation of quality primary cement job
  • Ultimately regulatory compliance
  • Remove uncertainty for LOTs
  • Continue well operations with confidence

How does CoreCure® work?

Recovering a sample of cement beneath the SeaCure® Latch-In Adaptor is a reliable and repeatable way to confirm the quality of the cement around the casing shoe. CoreCure® is simple to execute, the system allows the downhole cement sample to be retained and cured at the designed downhole environment, at the shoe. The sample is then recovered when the SeaCure® Cementing assembly is retrieved from the well and is then cored out for quality confirmation and post job analysis.

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