Centralise to Optimise

With only one chance at a primary cement job, why compromise? FloatCure® is DeltaTek’s unique buoyant cementation system, offering net effective weight reduction of a casing or liner string, throughout the entire run in hole operation and cement job.

Enabled by DeltaTek’s proprietary and field-proven SeaCure® technology, FloatCure® harnesses the power of buoyancy to influence the weight, torque, drag and standoff of the string being cemented.

By deploying the casing string either partially or entirely dry during make-up, followed by the SeaCure® inner-string technology, a buoyancy chamber is maintained at all times during the run in hole and cementation process, facilitating the industry’s only technique of influencing net effective weight of a casing being circulated to depth and then cemented.

Extend Your Reach

FloatCure® provides major key benefits while extending your reach by reducing the system net effective weight. However, unlike conventional floatation equipment, FloatCure® maintains buoyancy and pump-through capability for the casing/liner system throughout the entire running and cementing operations.

This differentiation means that, only FloatCure® can provide critical well cleaning, optimal cement placement whilst rotating and significantly improved stand-off of the string utilizing simple, reliable and field-proven technology.

FloatCure benefits include:

  1. Dramatic reductions in torque & drag whilst running in hole
  2. Ability to circulate the buoyant strings to depth at all times
  3. Significant improvement in standoff during well cleaning and cementation
  4. Reduction in differential sticking risk

These benefits are provided in addition to all of the unique advantages that SeaCure® offers, including:

  • Reduced circulation, losses and displacement volumes
  • Improved drill out performance with minimised damage to drill bits and BHAs
  • Reduced swarf quantities introduced into the wellbore

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