Working in the well construction industry, Tristam identified problems in the construction process and saw gaps in the market for simple systems to bring optimised land cementing techniques to the subsea market.

Deltatek designs and builds robust, rig-ready technologies to help solve many of the issues associated with cementing subsea wells and deploying structures to the sea bed safely and efficiently even in extreme weather conditions.


ArticuLock® is a tool used to open weather windows for deploying subsea equipment, resulting in time and money savings for operators.


SeaCure® – the first technology developed by DeltaTek is a revolutionary subsea cementing system that delivers stabbed-in, inner string cementing for subsea wells.


Utilising the SeaCure® inner-string technology as an installed conduit, QuikCure® is the engineered process of circulating a heated fluid after cement slurry placement to elevate the surrounding cement setting environment.


ControlCure® is the engineered process of circulating a temperature-controlled fluid after cement slurry placement at different points in the well to elevate, cool or control the cement setting.


CoreCure® is the only technique enabling recovery of a downhole cement sample, directly from the shoe of the casing string being SeaCure® cemented.

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