Deltatek’s SurgeCure™ technology has been developed to overcome the challenges in deploying and cementing long casing strings or liners with small annular clearances, particularly in weak formations.

How it works

SurgeCure utilises autofill shoes, inflow diversion and the field proven SeaCure® inner-string cementing technology to maximise auto-fill capabilities to minimising surge pressures, reduce casing deployment risks and improve overall operational efficiencies.

Standard float equipment is produced in auto-fill configuration to provide all of the benefits of an inner-string SeaCure® cement operation in tight casing tolerance or reduced ECD window sections.

11 ¾” SurgeCureTM Float Shoe (ball-drop auto-fill in converted position)

*graphic courtesy of Forum Energy Technologies Inc.


  • Run casing or liners with tight diametric tolerances
  • Reduce surge pressure while running casing or liners
  • Run as part of SeaCure® operation
  • A simple and reliable process


  • Improve running speeds
  • Minimise mud losses
  • Prevent break down of weak formation
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Increased cost efficiencies

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